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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bank Holiday + Halloween Weekend - All Over Nigeria

Yeeaaaaa, everyone loves a bank holiday! !

*from pupils with mid-term break to uni students who just get a few days and 9-5 workers who always love a paid holiday.... let's not forget the unemployed job seekers too, time for your earning friends to come and do it big for you too. Lol.

And a combo of Sallah + Halloween Weekend. . . . OMG, this weekend promises to be ALIVE with activity, music, comedy, food, ALL.

I've already put up some: Vaniti on Elm Street, Abuja. OvoFest, Lagos. Bella's Laffta10ment, PH. 

But there's MORE.... Them plenty.

#WDH . . . You're Invited!

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