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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bella's Laffta10ment - Bella's Bar, PH

Starting this saturday, Bella's Bar will be hosting a comedy ensemble labelled:

Bella's Laffta10ment

The 1st edition will be featuring no other than PH's very own Arinze Baba, Slow Dog, Donna Diva, Baba Funkny, Hon J Boy, Blingz, Mc Ab, DJ Olu.

Gate is FREE! Call 08033723494  *always quote WhereDeyHappen*

#WDH . . . You're Invited!

Venue: Bella's Bar, 19 Ebony Road, Pixy Hotel Junction, Orazi, PH
Date: Saturday, 27th October, 2012. 7pm

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