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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Genesis Deluxe Cinemas - PH & Lagos

Genesis Deluxe Cinemas (Fri 18th - Thurs 24 Jan 2013)

PH: Genesis Center, 52 Tombia Street, GRA Phase 2, Port Harcourt.

Django Unchained: Fri & Sat:11.30a, 2.35p, 7.40p, 10.45p | Sun - Thur: 11.30a, 2.35p, 7.40p
The Lost Number: Fri - Thur: 2.55p, 8.10p
Jack Reacher: Fri - Thur: 9.30a, 2.15p, 7.00p, 9.30p
Hotel Transylvania: Fri - Thur: 1.05p
Life of Pi: Fri - Thur: 11.40a, 8.00p
Rise of the Guardians: Fri - Thur: 11.40a, 2.10p, 6.00p
Pitch Perfect: Fri - Thur: 12.00p, 4.45p
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: Fri & Sat: 10.00a, 5.05p, 10.00p | Sun - Thur: 10.00a, 5.05p
Wreck-It Ralph: Fri - Thur: 9.30a, 5.40p
Trinity Goodheart: Fri & Sat: 4.10p, 10.30p | Sun - Thur: 4.10p

Lagos: The Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki, Lagos

Django Unchained: Fri & Sat: 12.25p, 3.45p, 7.05p, 10.45pSun - Thur: 12.25p, 3.45p, 7.05p
The Lost Number: Fri - Thur:4.35p, 6.55p, 11.50p
Jack Reacher: Fri & Sat: 12.05p, 5.40p, 8.20p, 11.00pSun - Thur: 12.05p, 5.40p, 8.20p
All Things Fall Apart: Fri - Thur: 5.35p
Life of Pi - 3D: Fri & Sat: 2.50p, 7.55p, 10.40p | Sun - Thur: 2.50p, 7.55p
Parental Guidance: Fri - Thur: 10.20a, 3.50p, 9.20p
Finding Nemo - 3D: Fri - Thur: 10.20p
Hotel Transylvania: Fri - Thur: 10.05a
Dr. Bello: Fri - Thur: 9.15p
Pitch Perfect: Fri - Thur: 12.20p, 5.00p, 9.40p
Rise of the Guardians: Fri - Thur: 10.05a, 12.15p, 2.25p
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Fri - Thur: 12.35p
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - 3D: Fri & Sat: 12.35p, 6.05p, 11.35p | Sun - Thur: 12.35p, 6.05p
Skyfall: Fri - Thur: 2.45p
Wreck-It Ralph: Fri - Thur:10.10a
A Thousand Words: Fri & Sat: 10.05a, 2.45p, 7.25p, 12.00a | Sun - Thur: 10.05a, 2.45p, 7.25p


For full pricing list: Read More.

Ticket PriceKids(N)Student(N)Adults(N)
Monday Feast
(N500 Tickets, N500 Popcorn & Drink)
Tues & Thur
BEFORE 12noon
Tues – Thur
AFTER 12noon
Fri, Sat & Sun
These prices DO NOT apply to 3D movie – N2, 500 with 3D Glasses; N2, 000 without Glasses.

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