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Monday, April 1, 2013

BAD-MAN Official Video Release - H-Records(DJ Humility + SugaBoiz*WizzyWee & Chiflow)

ABJ to Las Gidi to PH City ! ! It's Your Boy DJ Humility and the H-Records Superstars SugaBoiz! *WizzyWee & Chiflow*
Here's the Official Video release of their best titled 1st hit single & collabo 'BAD-MAN' which has been filling the airwaves already! + + work undergoing for another single to hit soon. Video directed by Eddie Izycs.

DJ Humility *CEO H-Records will be holding a press conference next month while SugaBoiz WizzyWee is broadening their UK stance and working towards the next MC with an MSc.

"How far?? Which way?? Me no send! Omo, no way! Because me na Badman, me na Badman! Me no Play! "

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