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Friday, April 19, 2013

Mentor Me - Merit House,Maitama, Abuja - Apr20

This is the 2nd edition of the Mentor Me Project.
The theme of this edition is 'Staying true to integrity, signposts on the road to success.
Guest speaker: Dr. Mrs. Oby Ezekwesili.

Admission: Reserve seats by texting name to 08186089346.

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Venue: Merit House, Maitama, Abuja
Date: Saturday 20 April, 2013. 11am

"from Cliqit website" 
Countdown begins for the next Mentor Me event. The mentor for this month is Dr Mrs Oby Ezekwesili and she’ll be speaking on “staying true to integrity; signposts on the road to success”. The date is saturday April 20th 2013. Venue is Merit house, Maitama Abuja by 11:00am. Limited seats are available. To reserve urs, simply text ur name to 08186089346. Have a nice day y’all, see u there! :) . For more information: twitter: @gp_corpers, facebook: Mentor.Me,, website:
Details of event
The purpose of this project is to initiate, organize and sustain a youth forum in Abuja. The forum seeks to achieve the following objectives:
  1. To mentor Nigerian youths on success through hard work, integrity and Transparency, and to discourage the quest for success through self aggrandizement, corruption and greed.
  2. To encourage, groom, and finance young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ideas with particular emphasis and focus on agriculture and agro-industries, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), Mineral Resources utilization, and information and Communication Technology.
  3. To create an avenue for positive networking this would help harness the vibrant, potential and limitless resourcefulness of youths.

  • iBATTLE (Business/ideas Competition session): This is an ideas/ Business competition that is aimed at grooming and funding great and viable entrepreneurial ideas.  Participants between the ages of 15 and 25 will have a chance to engage in this ideas-Challenge and get their business ideas accessed by team of judges/panelist drawn from various sectors of the economy. The best ideas will be packaged, developed, and presented to potential sponsors and funders and the participants with those ideas will be given a scholarship to a business academy where they will be trained and well nurtured to be great entrepreneurs and business managers.
The competition will begin and end with each season consisting of three battles. The first battle will emerge with 25 winners, while the second battle will emerge with 10 winners while the final battle will emerge with the best 3 winners. Participants will apply via website where their business plans will be sorted by a team before the main event. The speaker for the mentorship session is required to be on the panel of judges along with the discussion panelists to drill the contestants ultimately on their business plans.
  • Mentorship Session: Mentorship is a formidable platform to nurture, groom and develop the potentials of youths. This session is an interactive forum platform that would create an avenue for mentors (individuals worth emulating) to speak and advice youths on salient issues; career, success, using their lives references as examples.
This session will also feature a Q/A/interaction session where mentors will respond to questions from students and participants.
The speakers for the role-model session will be picked and decided considering such factors as contributions to youth and National development, achievements, legacies, moral ethics, childhood background and NYSC experiences.
  • Networking session: It has been said that an individual’s network determines his/her net worth. In this session we seek to encourage rapport and interaction between students, corps members, invited guests and all participants that would stimulate exchange of ideas and knowledge. This would encourage social development and synergy.
Project Mentor-ME is scheduled to be held quarterly in the year which comprises of 3 quarters called Seasons. The seasons will comprise of 3 sub-events which are called Battles. The 3 seasons are each designed to have 3 Battles;
  • Battle 1 – 25 Finalists
  • Battle 2 – 10 Finalists
Battle 3 – 3 Winners.

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