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Friday, July 12, 2013

1000 Voices Campaign - Slum2School Project, Lagos (@Slum2School)

NIGERIA CAN WORK and it begins with YOU! 
We are part of that generation that will NOT just Complain, Criticize & Condemn but will STAND UP & TAKE ACTION!
Last year with Your Support, we Enrolled Over 300 Disadvantaged Children into Schools & We have Monitored, Supported & Mentored them till date!
Many more are still out there & We want to Give 1000 this great opportunity to secure a Bright Future!
Let's TAKE ACTION, SUPPORT, DONATE & VOLUNTEER.. YOU are that Change Nigeria has been waiting for! & We Must ACT NOW!

With N30,000 You would send a Less privileged Child in a Slum 2 School, secure His/Her future & Make Him/Her Extremely Privileged! ... 
Please also spread the word to your friends, family and colleagues so 1000 Children can see Hope & Get Into School this September!

Kindly Make Your Donations to:
Slum2School Project Account:
Zenith Bank: 1013299207
Guarantee Trust Bank: 0130659207

For more info: #AskAVolunteer | | @Slum2School on twitter

#LetsDoMore #1000Voices | WhereDeyHappen proudly supports Slum2School Project.

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