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Monday, July 22, 2013

Rave: The Fast Rising Pop Sensation (#itsPHC)

Rave: The Fast Arising Nigerian Pop Sensation.
WhereDeyHappen is shining a spotlight on RAVE.
From a talented family of six boys: including Leriq (music producer) and Eddie Izycs (Artist, jazz artist and video director), Rave is stealing the hearts of the youths with his energetic and full-of-life performances and dance moves.

His Clean Port-Harcourt City Campaign: Stop the Abuse of Drugs And Alcohol
It was historic and remarkable in the Nigerian entertainment industry when on the 26th of June 2013, RAVE kept to his word and embarked on an earlier advertised campaign to lend his voice to a nagging negative vice in our society.
RAVE who is breaking new grounds both on and off stage is particular about his contributions to the entertainment industry and to a better society.
RAVE succeeded in placing on vehicles, bus stops, over-head bridges, advert stands and on people stickers and banners which were the main carriers of his message.
It is his strong believe that his contributions will open up a new thought pattern with young people in the industry and at the same time educate the public about the positive values of an average Nigerian entertainer.

Also a Video Shoot coming up, his fan base development & rewards as well as a television variety show (96 Degrees).

Read more after the cut.

His First Official Video Shoot
RAVE will on the last week of July shoot his first official music video by one of Nigeria’s foremost music video director-EDDIE IZYCS.
The concept and story line of this work has been on the drawing board for over 3months now, which was to ensure that we put out for public consumption a music video that will not only entertain but also thrill and leave his fans spellbound.
The RAVE crew also intends to set new levels in all aspects of music video production from the demands on the artiste to the creative output of the director.
Hopefully, the RAVE essence will be drawn out and presented to his ever growing fan base by the time we down tools.

His Fan Base Development & Rewards
In collaboration with his management team, RAVE will be giving out branded gifts to his loyal fans who are standing by him and developing his brand. Souvenir gifts like T-Shirts, Bumper Stickers, Performance dvd, Audio cd and others are available
Subsequently a method will be perfected where RAVE’s fans will be receiving privileged information about his activities, become automatic beneficiaries of free gate pass and tickets to any event RAVE is a part of.

The Television Variety Show - 96 Degrees
In our quest to spread the RAVE brand extensively, he will alongside some other young artistes be presenting a variety television show on a specially designed and set. The show tagged 96 DEGREES is to serve as a vehicle with the dual purpose of showcasing RAVE and Inform to educate the public about entertainment related activities in the Nigerian music industry from his own perspective.

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