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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fashion Fever 2 / Award NIte - Lesukaa Event Centre, PH #itsPHC - Dec8

It's a celebration of Snazzy Labels at 3. With its iconic Fashion Fever 2 Award Nite. And also celebratıng Abuja's fınest Belois Couture and PH's fınest Jason Porsche  and Iconob of Lagos.
Creme de la creme of the fashion industry, entertainment bosses, beauty queens and models on the runway. as well as an award giving ceremony. Expect appearances from Dennıs  (Gulder Ultımate Wınner 2013, Nnamdı Azıude (Mr Ecowas Naıja), Gedonı (Face of Natıve ofVogue) Cynosure Boss, Emma Nollywood,Lorenzo of Lıon Fm, Lots of Nıgerıan Queens. Host: Mr 
Vıtamın Cee. Red Carpet Host: Ezım of Ixora Intl. Guest Artısts; DızzBaby, TOC, TyroneMıcheal of Stunna ıce Musıcss

Admission: FREE | 08033754429, 08157293910


Venue: Lesukaa Event Center, Peter Odili Road, PH
Date: Sunday 8 December, 2013. 4pm
After Party at Pentagon VIP Lounge, King Perekuile, GRA, PH. (Strıctly on IV)

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